A Green Column

April 29, 2010 at 12:02 am (Uncategorized)

The column in the Daily Collegian titled “‘Going green’ misses the point” by Yevgeniya Lomakina gives a harsh blow to the media’s attempt to get us more aware of our environment.  She says that these days, “it seems as if suddenly, all spheres of society, from factory owners to private individuals, embarked upon a massive race for who can be the most green.”  This is true.  It seems like everyone is creating more green jobs and facilities, or walking around with “I Love Earth” T-shirts and mugs.  It is like we are all in a competition to see who can physically show the greenest initiative.  She goes on to say that the media is encouraging us to buy Earth-friendly products so that we can save the world by doing “a little part.”  However, no one is going to save the world by buying a hybrid car or recycled paper.  In short, her opinion is that the media as made us think that these gigantic problems of global warming and carbon dioxide emissions can be easily solved and “is only a purchase away”.

All of these products that we buy are actually hurting the environment more.  Taking into consideration things like transportation and packaging of those products, we could actually save energy on buying not even purchasing them at all. It wastes huge amounts of energy to mass produce products and bring them to the market.  By buying all of the Earth-friendly slogans, we are damaging Mother Nature even more.  Some solutions that she gives to this are carpooling, buying from a local farm, and taking better care of one’s car and electrical equipment instead of going out and buying the newer ones.  She deems these ideas unpopular for citizens though, because the effort cannot be physically seen by others. 

She goes on to talk about globalization, and how in order to make any kind of difference, each country needs to play their part by decreasing their mass surplus and exportation.  However, since there is a belief that “The United States is responsible for global warming,” it might take  other countries some more convincing to get on board with us.  Until each country plays a role in the effort, no one is really going to make a difference individually.  She ends her column by saying that “if one wants to truly go green, it can be done without expensive purchases. Meanwhile, if the voice of the media remains above the voice of reason, the global warming situation will remain.”

I think for the most part this column is very well written.  She states her opinion very clearly and simply, and provides adequate background information.  I also really liked her style of writing because it takes on a completely different side to the green movement.  However, I think her tone was a little too negative.  We all know that wearing an “I love Earth” shirt is not going to make a difference, but we do it anyways to make ourselves aware of what is going on.  I do agree that the media is making it into something that is easily fixable, but at least we are all talking about the subject.  Society today is well aware that we are causing global warming mainly because of the media.  If it wasn’t for the media, maybe it would not be a big of an issue because citizens would be less informed.  Her comment about how everyone needs to do their little part is a waste also seemed too negative, especially after researching about the green movement here at UMass.  For UMass in particular, I think we could make a great deal of difference by students just doing the little things. Article:http://dailycollegian.com/2010/04/22/%e2%80%98going-green%e2%80%99-misses-the-point/

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