Follow Up on Prince

May 7, 2010 at 6:02 am (Uncategorized)

The Phoebe Prince case is a new story that has been covered nationally by many  top-newspapers.  However, I feel the article “Facing up to reality of bullying” by Christine Wu in the Daily Hampshire Gazette truly hit the nail on the hammer.  Lately, I have been reading multiple stories on the situation that have included statistics, opinions, quotes from officials, and released documents.  This article is a follow-up to Prince’s story, as well as the story of Carl-Walker Hoover,  and I think this summarizes the atmosphere surrounding the tragedies  today very nicely.

Wu starts out by stating “When the report of any tragedy hits the news, humanity responds.”  We automatically feel sympathy for these types of stories and feel inclined to read up on them as much as possible.  When the dust clears, however, we put up a defense mechanism so we do not feel all of the pain that the true reality brings.  For instance, we start rationalizing that bullying has always been a problem and we can’t truly fix it, and that many kids have been bullied and did not commit suicide.  Wu says that we do this so we do not have to feel guilty about the situation, but when something like the Prince case hits so close to home, we must let these defense mechanisms down so we can fully deal with the situation.

Wu goes on to simply sat that “we must acknowledge that there is something that can be done.”   Bullying is a problem, and as adults we need to realize that it can be stopped.  We have to stop considering it as just “a part of life.”  In order to do this, we must educate our community about the consequences for bullying, act as positive role models, and establish anti-bullying laws.  A great asset to her article are the statistics she adds, such as that 4,000 kids a year commit suicide and over 300,00 kids end up in the emergency room for self-infliction. 

She ends with the idea that “we may not be able to reach Utopia, but we can learn and aspire to do better.”  This quote especially caught my attention because I agree with it wholeheartedly; we may not be able to defeat bullying completely, but we have to at least try.  This article is definitely less fact-based and more emotionally driven, but I think it has more of an impact than some other hard news Prince stories that I have recently read.


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