Green Kids

May 7, 2010 at 10:10 am (Uncategorized)

I read this interesting opinion article in the New York Times called “How to Green Your Parents,” by Allison Arieff.  Since I have done so much research on green initiatives, I figured I might as well keep going with the subject.

This past Earth Day, a nationwide effort called Green My parents started up.  This movement is to organize the youth into educating their parents and families to become green.  They have set the lofty goal of saving one hundred million dollars between now and April of 2011.  Green My Parents is going to try and create a ripple effect by educating 100 advocates, who will then educate 100 of their peers, and so on and so forth.  Some suggestions that they are planning on giving families are the simple things like walking to school, not using bottled water, and using cold water when washing. 

Arieff claims that this movement is going to be different than your typical green group because it is going about taking green steps in a smarter and easier way.  This is because it “recognizes that young people are inherently attuned to their environment and understand the importance of protecting it.”  Kids today have a much better awareness our environment’s problems because the generation has grown up with the issues of global warming and mass pollution.  Kids want the opportunity to be a part of something greater than them, and this program is able to give them just that.

Adora  Svitak, a young twelve year old activist, is highlighted in this article.  Her opinion is that adults need “bold ideas, wild creativity and, especially, optimism.”  This is the mindset of the imagination of kids.  Kids do not have limitations in their minds, and adults need to think along those same lines to get more accomplished.  Also, Alec Loorz is mentioned.  He is the thirteen year old who founded site and became “youngest  presenter of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth talk.”  In addition, 16 year old Chloe Maxim founded a school group called Lincoln Academy Action Club who fight global warming.

Arieff goes on to say that it is essential for parents to participate with the program.  Kids today are already on board with the green movement, and “all the money-and-planet saving tips should, to them, seem as normal as putting on a seat belt or drinking a cup of coffee in the morning.”

I think Arieff draws attention to a good organization that has a very clear and direct goal in mind.  By mentioning young kids who are advocates helped prove her point that the youth really do not see any limitations.  This is a huge assent to Green My Parents because its young leaders are so ambitions.  It is nice to see kids who have such a positive outlook on the green  movement be in charge of an organization like this.


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