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May 7, 2010 at 10:36 am (Uncategorized)

So I have finally made it though my intro to journalism class.  Going into the semester, I has somewhat of an idea of how a newspaper was set up, and how to write a decent story from my high school class, but that was about it.  I have learned so much from the beginning of this class to now.

Firstly, I learned about the long debate of old media versus new media.  There are many pros and cons to each side.  One of the most major problems with the new media movement is validating the source.  Since everyone who has access to the internet can post something, it is hard to tell what is fact and what is a harsh rumor.  However, I learned that news on the web truly connects us with the world.  People have the opportunity to share blogs, ideas, pictures, and get stories as fast as possible.  New media features such as graphic displays and videos lets journalists present their information in a new and exciting way.  As much as I love sitting down at breakfast with a Boston Globe ready, I think news will someday be all on the web.  It’s hard to say what I like best at this point; I love interacting with people blogs and  on the web as well as reading “letters to the editor”

Next, I learned how to really dig into a news story and critique it.  From all of these blog posts I have been making though the semester, I feel like my analytical skills are much improved.  I have learned to always question the text, find out what the sources are, and if there is any information that a story needs or is holding back.  I feel like I have a much better grip on what makes a really good news article.

Besides reading stories, I have learned how to go out into the real world and find one myself.  From the first group assignment of going out to New Salem to find a story, I realized that a story can be found anywhere, even in the middle of the woods.  In a small building in the city, our group learned about a facilitated event taking place in Amherst that would discuss new possibilities of state forestation.  When we got to the event, there were people picketing and dressed up as trees outside, and inside, there were real newscasters and loggers yelling left and right.  I was thrown into a real-life news situation when I was not even expecting to find a story at all.  Also, from my interviews for my final paper, I have learned how to go about the interview process.  I have to be the one to take charge of the meeting, and not be afraid to ask the hard questions.  More importantly, I have to make sure I do the research beforehand so I know exactly what to ask. 

Finally, I think this class has sparked an interest with the going green effort.  I have seen all the complexities of trying to conserve energy here at UMass, and have also looked at multiple articles on my own time about green issues in the state.  There are so many opinions about the manner, and I’ve enjoyed seeing it from all different angles, from the students to the big shots on campus.


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  1. David Perkins said,

    Excellent, wide-ranging,thoughtful blog! You get an A.


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